A big thank you to everyone who supported us in 2018 and beyond, we love you!

This year sees us playing festivals across the UK!

***New Release***

A live CD recorded at 'Blindcat Gives You Wingies' festival. Please email us via our contact page on how to purchase. Online sales coming soon!

Thank you for supporting us with over 200 downloads of the free tracks! Well, it couldn't be free forever but there will be an opportunity  to see us live at  events along with many other fantastic bands and musicians.

Once they're gone... There are only 4 physical copies left of the album, 'One... Giant... Leap'. The album features our very special guest Bridget Wishart-  singing on 'Only in Space (Shades of White) '         

Contact us through the info page if you would like a copy. £5.00 + Postage and packaging. Purchasing through PayPal will incur additional charges.

What were we thinking?

Interestingly, this YouTube video link never made it to a CD release. For those of you who would like a copy we are taking orders via our contact page with a view to releasing it onto CD.